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Mental Health Now Book (Signed Copy)

Mental Health Now Book (Signed Copy)


Pop culture has coined the famous phrase “2020 vision,” which now champions a powerful consciousness movement. Alas, people have started to wake up and are more aware of how they exist in the universe around them. As we shift into a new paradigm, this book urges us all to see the world through new lenses. Some people consider 2020 the climax of an already tense spiritual war that has lasted more than 2000 years. Yet, others define 2020 as a deprogramming process that will rid our society of social norms. Fear, worry, and anxiety remain at an all-time high as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep the globe. Looking forward, 2020 stands tall like the apex of a fear-based consciousness, and if gone unaddressed, it could lead to a steady rise in mental health illnesses. Lockdown has forced millions to face themselves and do the inner work necessary to heal and grow. Mental Health Now is no ordinary book—outlining 11 techniques you can use to manage your mental health, beat pandemic-fatigue, and take back your power. Furthermore, each chapter provides a personal narrative that serves as your guide to continued self-reflection and research on mental health topics. And as the author poignantly shares his deepest fear and life experiences, you’ll begin to ask yourself, What is my deepest fear, and how do I see myself facing it?


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