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programming the subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is programmed three ways, through repetition, symbols, and trauma.  Be thyself repetitiously and unapologetic despite what others think. Love thyself through symbolic gestures, love is an action word. Know thyself is getting to the sources of ones trauma so that you may heal thyself. Every design speaks to one or all of these three principles to consciousness. 

The meanings behind the Designs? 

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Melanin Supreme is an affirmation of self love. Supreme meaning superior to all others. Melanin put on top of the word Supreme depicts it place on the hue scale. The more melanin you have the more sound you can absorb with your ears. The more melanin you have the more flavors you can taste with your tongue. The more Melanin you have the wider the color spectrum you can see with your iris. The more Melanin you have the more kinetic body mass you have, up to 20% more. This mass is not limited by gravity so you can likely jump higher, run faster and build muscle easier. The more Melanin you have the memory you can store in your brain. The seven letter word Melanin, the "A" is replaced with a triangle. The triangle has various meaning, representing the following; Gender, Creativity, Harmony, Proportion, Ascension, Culmination, Illumination, Integration, Subjectivity, Manifestation and many more. The triangle placed in the center of the design expresses the power lies within. 


The Revolutionary Design speaks to the know thyself principle, displaying the names of 13 revolutionary leader who may not have been as popular as their impact was on this world. Kaepernick being the only person on this design that is still alive, because he did something revolutionary that anyone could do. He quit his job to protest and send a message for change. He stood up for what he believed in and did the work. No matter how big or small we all can be revolutionary to simply being THYSELF. Be Fearless in Pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. 13 is typical thought of as a bad luck number but it is about new beginnings and positive change. The bad luck concept comes from the test and challenge that required to gain positive change. Fear not, your are built for this challenge so be revolutionary in all your endeavors. 




Dark Matters is a play on words with the phrase "Black Lives Matter". The BHM movement like other civil rights empowerment movement promote the word "Black". Dark Matter makes us about 27% of the entire universe, Dark Energy about 68%, and the remain is normal matter. We are a replica of the universe and Dark Matter represents the conscious mind and Dark Energy represents the Subconscious mind, normal matter represents the flesh. Dark Matter is connected to gravity or the flesh, this is low vibrational energy that allows us to feel and connect with things at the lowest level. low vibrations are not bad, but they challenge us to grow. Dark Matter is the roots that ground us and is required for when be begin to grow. In the top left corner of the design where the "D" is you see three lights from a star aiming down diagonally through the word "Dark". DARK is actually light and this message depicts that we are always connected to our higher self even if we can't see the roots. The word "matters" is written in an old English font  symbolizing the originality of our existence. This design also comes in glow in the dark to drive the message that you are the light even on the darkest days.




Woke is a modern slang term, coming from African American Vernacular English and refers to an awareness and vigilance towards social and racial injustices. The "O" is replaced with the symbol The eye of Ra, this is often confused with the eye of Horus However, the two are quite distinct. The eye of Ra represents the right eye, and the eye of Horus the left eye. Ra is the sun god, his power is quite close to the almighty gods of the monotheistic religions. In this sense, his power of vision is thus unlimited, his eye is called “the eye that sees everything”. This is not the case with Horus, whose powers are limited and whose protection is mostly linked to physical integrity.
A protective symbol. The symbol often referred to as the third eye which is located in the same place as the sixth chakra, tells a deeper message about being woke. The symbol represents how much energy the minds spends on each of the six senses. The different parts of the eye were believed used to represent one divided by the six powers of two.  Smell 1/2 (Memory), Sight 1/4 (Vision), thought 1/8 (Creativity), Hearing 1/16 (Frequency), Taste 1/32 (Nourishment), Touch 1/64 (Emotions).



Negus; a ruler, or the supreme ruler, of Ethiopia. From Amharic meaning King. The Nigga rooted from the latin word Niger which means black. Negus is the origin of all words like; nigger, negro or niggas it is a positive word turned negative and turned back into positive. Negus the origin of the mispronounced name or slanged word "nigga". Europeans miscommunicated the name to identify the African kings and queens brutalizing it to reform the culture and race origin of selected Africans. Ethiopia being one of the only African countries not colonized by the Europeans  





Over 13 of the most conscious signs of all-time in one awesome design.

 The geometry of the Human body
- 7 Chakras of the Body and Supreme Mathematics

Om/Aum as Sacred Symbol
– The scared sound

Earth Medicine Wheel
– Harmony and peace

– Symbol of harmony

The eye of Ra
– The magical healer

– Star against evil

Star of David
– The divine connection

Gye Nyame
_ Supremacy of God

– The breath of life

Yin Yang
– Balance between opposites

– The traditional greeting

– The beautiful universe

Angel Number 1111
- mastery of self and awareness of our spiritual connection




"INNER G" is a play on words from the word energy. energy is defined as dynamic quality with the capacity of acting or being active. It is also vigorous exertion of power or effort. ​Energy is neither lost or destroy just transferred from one party to the next. In a world of energy vampires looking to drain the life force energy out of you, this design is an affirmation that speaks to drive that energy inward. Inner G is a message to do the inner work required to grow, by changing yourself you then change everything around you. The G represents OG Original Gangsta, in slang terms means someone who's incredibly exceptional, authentic, or "original." No one can be a better you than you, Tap in to your own Inner-G. The design mocks the Thrasher Magazine Company that started in 1981 by Eric Swenson from the art of skateboarding. Skateboarding became popular in the 1950's as young seek refuge and freedom of expression. This was an era where the youth connected across racial lines for the sake of ART. Street art comes in various forms and through the youths expression of art the western world began to unite. 


Melanin Supreme
Dark Matters
Light Worker
Inner G
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